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Handcrafted Beginnings

Our origins are tied to working with wood and handcrafted furniture which is a strong tradition in Senia, Tarragona. As there is so much wood from forests native to the area and the people here are so entrepreneurial and industrious, a network of companies manufacturing furniture was established during the twentieth century. Our company which was set up in 1988 developed from a family business of furniture craftsmen created in 1967, in these unique surroundings where tradition, avant-garde and an incomparable know-how of the sector are undeniably united.

Commitment to Design

Our commitment to Mediterranean talent and emerging designers has been constant over recent years. We work together, making an effort to understand and respond to people’s needs. We like to know how they want to live and what their homes and habits are like. It is essential to adapt to changes which go beyond mere aesthetics. Design is a great ally and a fundamental asset when exploring new trends in home. In our catalogues you can find well-known and lesser-known designer names from Spain; Mario Ruiz, Odosdesign, Isaac Piñeiro, Made studio, Martín Consuegra, Yonoh, Josep Turell... and with all of these we have learnt and grown together in knowledge as well as the creative process.

Mediterranean nature

Our olive trees and family business are our life and passion. The knowledge and affection for our profession and the land has been transmitted through generations. Like many Mediterranean villages, we have become more modern, but we still preserve this devotion to our roots and the land which is so special to us and which gives colour to our character and makes us so different. From Algeciras a Istanbul… as the popular Spanish song goes, we are villages which are characterised by the land and the sea… for our mild climate, our love of life and our ability to share. All of this is transmitted in our way of interpreting design, open, optimistic, sensual and full of life… ‘What can I do, I was born in the Mediterranean…”.

Modern DNA

We have an area of 15,000m2 with the most modern facilities you can currently equip a furniture factory with. Machines controlled by computers, automatic machines and automated loading and unloading systems which generate an increase in productivity and the quality of our products, as well as making work easier for our operators. The “Lean” (just in time) productive system, together with that hand-crafted touch on certain pieces, makes us unique.

We are sustainables

In 1993, we were already ahead of European regulations by installing a silo system for collecting particles of wood and varnish by gravity, which reduces emissions in the environment. Following the same philosophy, we have not lessened our determination for innovation so that we can continue respecting the environment. In fact, in 2008 we incorporated a water process for finishes to our varnishing lines, and this together with previous improvements means that we now emit 96% less to the atmosphere, which is much lower than E.U. specifications.