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    Hit wins an IF DESIGN AWARD 2023!

    Hit wins an IF DESIGN AWARD 2023!
    We couldn't be happier to tell you that the Hit desk/dressing table included in our Verso catalogue has won a prestigious IF DESIGN AWARD.

    The proposal was already a finalist at the Delta Awards 2022 and is now consolidated in the international sphere thanks to an award that recognizes, in other respects, its versatility, differentiation and respectful impact on the environment.

    In 2021 we received our first IF DESIGN AWARD with the Knossos occasional table by Issac Piñeiro and this new recognition, in addition to exciting us, reinforces our passion and determination to continue creating inspiring design concepts with maximum attention to detail. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible!


    Hit is a small workplace for home use with an attractive aesthetic imprint. Designed by Nahtrang Studio, it is characterized by its formal simplicity, the careful balance of its proportions and a suggestive juxtaposition of textures. Hit is also a versatile piece that, depending on the selected accessories, is defined as an elegant desk for the home office or a flirtatious dressing table for the bedroom.



    The idea on which the proposal gravitates is the revaluation of a piece of auxiliary use through an ingenious combination of materials that complements with the projective freedom that supposes to be able to choose between more than 19 lacquers and 4 woods. Likewise, its different complements, with the same aesthetic attributes, increase the customization capacity to adapt the piece to the aesthetic and functional preferences of the user.


    Hit is the result of a group of ideas that evoke the world of tennis. The intention was to create micro-spaces where things happened and there was movement, avoiding static concepts that delimited the functionality or final use of the piece. As an example to the aesthetic allusions of this sport we find its wavy back that reminds us of a tennis net. Agglomerated drawers, DM top and metal structure. Natural walnut and oak veneer available in 4 finishes. Lacquers in 19 different shades.



    Hit has an easy and intuitive use. Each of its components has been designed according to ergonomic and usability concepts. It is practical and functional. In addition, it has balanced absolute dimensions that allow it to be included in smaller rooms.


    Hit has a design based on the aesthetic essence and interaction with the user. The combination of materials is one of its most relevant characteristics. The unusual use of corrugated metal sheet gives the whole a contemporary physiognomy that escapes the traditional schemes for this type of product.



    Definitely, Hit is a responsible piece at the production level since it is manufactured by local industrialists, with long-life materials and largely recycled. The woods used are FSC certified and the different elements that make it up are totally separable, thereby facilitating the closing of the product life cycle in an eco-efficient way. Additionally the company has a particle collection system through silos to avoid exposure to the atmosphere, an industrial self-consumption photovoltaic panels system that provides an important part of electricity in all the manufacturing processes and a specific machinery for the creation of boxes that allows to reduce the use of polymers by up to 70%.



    Hit is available in a wide variety of finishes. The metal parts can be lacquered in 21 different colors, while the top and the accessories, in addition to these 21 lacquers, are also available in 4 natural wood veneers.