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    We are launching!

    We are launching!
    We continue to strengthen our commitment to providing our customers with new proposals and finishes that allow us to respond to a dynamically developing market. For this, we have launched Kalm, a new catalogue that brings together elements for the night space with wardrobes and other storage proposals.
    Bubble headboard by Dsignio

    Kalm is a glossary of timeless proposals that appeal to creativity and quality to unleash the imagination of its users. Balanced and calm schemes are intertwined with original designs offering a wide range of highly customizable solutions.

    Forest headboard by Nahtrang

    The new release places a strong emphasis on a personal aesthetic language that harmonizes with the rest of the company’s catalogs. This attribute aims to create cohesive homes by meticulously attending to the unique characteristics of each space, thereby giving them the recognition they truly deserve.

    Mark bed by Mobenia Crew