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    NIM, expanding horizons.

    NIM, expanding horizons.
    In times of uncertainty and instability it is important to get rid of any type of prejudice or fixed ideas that prevents us from moving freely and decisively. Taking risks and going beyond our comfort zone allows us to move forward and find new opportunities. Flexibility is an essential attribute to adapt, because we live in constant movement and flowing with it is the key.

    At Mobenia, we have expanded our home goods offering with NIM, a catalog in which we bring our particular vision of the living environment to a wider audience. The use of new materials, the rationalization of components and the combination of new designs allow us to offer a more competitive offer, especially aimed at users with specific requirements, different from those we address with the rest of the firm’s catalogs.

    This new strategic move means for our clients and collaborators new working tools with which to respond to the specific particularities of a challenging current context. This proposal is the result of actively listening to the environment, which encourages us to continue working together to continue adding.

    Large firms in the industry endorse this duality of approaches and our extensive productive capacity, with a highly technified plant of more than 15,000 m2, allow us to address this new challenge as a clear competitive advantage.

    The fact is that in Mobenia we are not much of sitting and waiting for things to happen, we are more of making them happen.

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