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    Andreu, M.A.

    Andreu, M.A.

    Industrial Designer born in Paiporta (Valencia) in 1968. An industrial design graduate who launched his career in the world of design while he was still studying at Barreira Art and Design Centre in Valencia. He worked for different companies in the field of graphic design at the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s, finishing his studies in 1991.
    He has always been enthusiastic about new technology and threw himself into the new work methods of the early nineties, more specifically into computer aided design. The fruit of this enthusiasm was the start of his first company TEDIM.

    In 1994 he began his journey in the home furniture industry at Puchades furniture business, where he started as design technician for developing new products. In 1997 he became technical office manager and in 2000 head of the R+ D department.

    In 2002 he, Conchín Terranegra and Manolo Durán started up the Company DiseñoDetres.