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    Borja García Interview

    Borja García Interview
    We know a bit more about the aesthetic imagination and inspiration of this Valencian architect, designer and co-founder of Made Studio, who is obsessed by the pure lines and emotional state of objects.

    A rational or temperamental designer?

    It is difficult to choose between passion and reason; I would like to say that our products have some of our soul and emotions in them but that they are guided by a path of accuracy and reason. Products which solve tangible or intangible problems where usefulness is not the only aim and which is always accompanied by an emotional link between the product and the user.


    Your most unusual / extraordinary inspiration.

    Inspiration is all around us, we just have to look closely at a certain situation or problem to see that even the most normal, mundane thing can become something different, can give another solution whether it is through its shape, size or material or simply in the way it is used.


    Would you have liked to have designed an iconic design?

    The Cesta table by Miguel Milá or the Funiculí by Lluis Porqueras, and many more!


    Which object-furniture is a must in your home?

    The table without a doubt. The table as a concept, as a meeting place, for exchanging ideas, for research or collaborating, for the family. the table is the heart of life at home.


    Your interpretation of design in a tweet.

    Design is a crucial tool for improving society in general and the lives of people in particular.


    Helsinki or Palermo?

    Hmm. Both? If I have to choose… Palermo.


    What decade or era keeps inspiring you?

    Lots! Architecture form the 1950s and 60s, without doubt, but there’s more!


    What would your dream house be like?

    Bright, comfortable, full of life, near the sea, with a slight breeze and shade from mature trees.