Mobenia is the make which Mobi Cenia, S.L. uses to market the furniture manufactured in its factory near the Mediterranean, half way between Valencia and Barcelona.

At Mobenia we believe that the most important design concept is to increase the quality of life.


The company, which was founded in 1987, evolved from a company making hand-crafted furniture which was created in 1961. From the very first day, our raison d’Ítre and objective has been, and continues to be INNOVATION in all areas of furniture manufacturing. Whether it be in the production phase or choosing new materials and sustainable processes, such as in the design department where young designers work adapting to changes and attitudes in how we envisage the home and leisure area.
The choice was not by chance or pure convenience, our roots have to be within a framework which impregnates a new project with NATURE. What place could be better than a MEDITERRANEAN olive grove to establish our industry. Mobenia homes breathe and and transmit MEDITERRANEAN NATURE.
We have an area of 15,000m2 with the most modern facilities you can currently equip a furniture factory with. Machines controlled by computers, automatic machines and automated loading and unloading systems which generate an increase in productivity and the quality of our products, as well as making work easier for our operators. The “Lean” (just in time) productive system, together with that hand-crafted touch on certain pieces, makes us unique.
In 1993, we were already ahead of European regulations by installing a silo system for collecting particles of wood and varnish by gravity, which reduces emissions in the environment. Following the same philosophy, we have not lessened our determination for innovation so that we can continue respecting the environment. In fact, in 2008 we incorporated a water process for finishes to our varnishing lines, and this together with previous improvements means that we now emit 96% less to the atmosphere, which is much lower than E.U. specifications.