(ES) Yonoh

Yonoh was founded in 2006 with the mission of improving and radically change the status quo. Our main goal is to enhance the relationship between companies, users and the objects which are around us. Yonoh is a team of experts from multiple disciplines linked to the world of design. We work to improve products and services from companies. We believe design means more than a wrapping to garnish things. In Yonoh we conceive design as a must, since the first steps of a company and through its whole existence. This is the core idea in which we believe in and the one which daily stimulates us to work.And because we do what we believe in, we put all our energy in each project, either big or small, and we give the best of each of us. To reinvent ourselves is a must if we want to be competitive in an increasingly complex world. The vision you have from your own company is, most of the time, partial and too subjective. This is the reason why we believe we can help you. We are a team which deeplygets involved in projects; restless professionals who work to find the key element that your project needs. We put all our efforts for improving companies’ products, services and communication actions, establishing external synergies when needed in order to deliver the best result. Responsibility, exigency and discipline are part of our philosophy and this is the reason why we implement them in our work, because the companies we work for are no joke for us. They become a part of Yonoh; they are our project, our raison d’être.


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