What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files which are stored on your computer when you Access and use certain websites. These files permit websites to recover information about your habits and navigation preferences or about the device from which you connect.

Even though they are essential to provide a good service, because of the information they contain, this may create problems for your privacy. For this reason, Spanish legislation has laid down that in order to install certain types of cookies on your browser it is necessary to inform you in advance and to obtain your agreement. By means of the current Cookie Policy we wish to inform you clearly and sufficiently about the type of cookies we use on this website.

What type of cookies do we use?

On this website we use cookies to assist your navigation and give you a better navigation experience. The cookies we use can be divided into the following categories:

Depending on where they are sent from:

  1. Own cookies: are sent to your computer from our own systems or domain.
  2. Third party cookies: these are cookies which are sent to your browser from a computer or domain which is not managed by us but by another collaborating entity.

Depending on their purpose:

  1. Technical cookies: these cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of a website.
  2. Session cookies: allow users to be recognized on a website so that any change made, article selected or information introduced will be remembered from one page to another.

Some of the cookies we use are persistent, which means that they remain stored on your device for a pre-determined period of time, which can vary from one cookie to another. If you do not delete this type of cookie, they only stop working when they reach their pre-determined expiry date.

The following chart indicates the cookies we use in this website as well as the purpose of each of them, their duration and information on whether they are own or third party cookies:

_gatUtilizada por Google Analytics. Se utiliza para limitar el porcentaje de solicitudes.Terceros (Google Inc.)Persistente (expira en 1 minuto)
_gaUtilizada por Google Analytics. Se utiliza para distinguir las visitas únicas de los usuarios.Terceros (Google Inc.)Persistente (expira en 2 años)
_gitUtilizada por Google Analytics. Se utiliza para distinguir las visitas únicas de los usuarios.Terceros (Google Inc.)Persistente (expira en 24 horas)
qtrans_front_languageSe utiliza para conocer el idioma seleccionado por el usuario en su última visita.PropiaPersistente (expira en 1 año)
viewed_cookie_policySe utiliza para saber si el usuario ha aceptado la Política de cookies en la 1er visita realizada a la web.PropiaPersistente (expira en 1 año)

How can you control cookies?

It is important to know that at any moment you can withdraw your agreement to the Cookie Policy, eliminating the cookies stored on your navigator by means of the settings and configurations of the same.

If you wish you can easily modify the preferences of your browser so that you control yourself what cookies access your computer and which you prefer to restrict. This option is usually found in the “Option” or “Preferences” menu on the browser. If you use any of the following, you only need to select the link and follow the instructions which the link you have chosen indicates:

However if you change your preferences and you restrict the access of cookies to your device, it is possible that some web functions cease to function and create problems for your navigation.

Modifications to the Cookie Policy

We are providing the current Cookie Policy so that you can consult it, store it or print it whenever it suits you. It is possible that the policy will undergo changes as a result of changes in the website or in the cookies used, legislative or jurisprudential innovations or new criteria established by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. For these reasons we reserve the right to modify the current Cookie Policy at any moment.

Last updated: February 2018